Disability Services Office - Student Intake Form

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To receive accommodations through the Disability Services Office, students must complete this form and are required to submit documentation.  Please allow one week for the request to be processed.


If additional information is needed, we will email you. Please continue to check your WCC email regarding the next steps in the accommodations process.


Note: if you have not yet applied to Westchester Community College, please do so before filling out the DSO Intake Form. You can find more information on applying to the college by clicking HERE.


Please contact disability.services@sunywcc.edu with any questions.  If you would like to learn more about the Disability Services Office, please visit our webpage.

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Upload supporting document(s)

In order to receive accommodations through the Disability Services Office, students must complete this form and are required to submit documentation.

Documentation Guidelines

·        Documentation must be uploaded with this form

·        Please submit your most recent IEP, or 504 plan and Psychological Evaluation 

·        If you did not have a high school plan, you may submit a note from your healthcare provider.

·        Documentation should:

·        be on official letterhead stationery

·        signed by the treating doctor (cannot be electronically signed)

·        include the current diagnosis

·        include the dates of treatment

·        Provide recommendations for appropriate accommodations

Please contact disability.services@sunywcc.edu with any questions. 

Specific Accommodation Information

Accommodations requested must be supported by your documentation.

Confidentiality Acknowledgement Required